Valentines Day Insights #infographic


Valentines Day Insights #infographic

Study this Valentine's Day infographic to appreciate the findings. The infographic provides some statistical data on the gifts purchased during Valentine's day. What Valentine's Day people like and what they generally buy on Valentine's Day.

As the infographic reveals, about 8 billion conversational hearts come together every year. As a present, more than half of them offer chocolate or candy.

What's more, it is estimated that men spend almost three times more on gifts for Valentine's Day than women.

Fifty percent of individuals plan to celebrate the day in some way, according to one survey, and of those 35 or younger who say they don't celebrate, more than a third of them still have plans to splurge on themselves or hang out with single friends.

We decided to dig into the insights through the prism of Gary Chapman 's 5 Love Languages, a very common relationship book, for this study. If you're unfamiliar with the novel, the premise is that individuals like to give and receive love in different ways. The five love languages are described by Chapman as words of affirmation, gift receipt, quality time, acts of service, and physical contact.

To translate our data, we used these love languages to help you gain a deeper understanding of how individuals use your content during this love-filled season to express their feelings!

In order to provide fascinating nuggets for you to use while you prepare your Valentine's Day material, we dug deep into our data hearts, looking at past AdThrive material patterns, SEMrush keyword opportunities, Google Trends, and general industry study!

As the holiday approaches, content for Valentine's Day begins to become more and more popular.

In January, individuals are searching for inspiration, but traffic only gets going a little over a week before the holiday.

The day before or after may be equivalent to or more common than the day itself, depending on the day of the week that the holiday falls.

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Valentines Day Insights #infographic

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