Was Your Business Ready for COVID-19? #infographic

Was Your Business Ready for COVID-19? #infographic

As COVID-19 entered the United States it impacted numerous companies in various ways. Some occupations need a physical presence while others can be performed anywhere there is a telephone and an Internet connection. Of course, from the beginning, police , fire, EMS, hospital jobs were deemed essential; we know we can't extinguish a fire from behind our computers. But a lot of companies will run without a central office.

Since this is the company's lifeblood, email was transferred offsite. Before that, Lockatong had maintained its own internal email server. Recognizing the need to always have email open, Landau and Lockatong have agreed to let email experts handle their account.

In 1998, Robert Roop, founder and president, saw a medium-sized manufacturing company walk out after a fire. They felt they were being secured as their backup was floppy disks kept in a fireproof safe on site. They were limited to calling in their receivable accounts to ask if any money was due. Roop had been eager to prepare Lockatong better. Several years later, Lockatong 's office was razed to the ground by fire and they lost everything; all their records and computers, but by that time, for offsite storage, they burned CD-RWs regular and lost only one day of data.

Was Your Business Ready for COVID-19? #infographic

infographic by: landauconsulting.com

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