What your bagel order says about you #infographic


What your bagel order says about you #infographic

Bagels were carried by immigrant Poles to the United States. Initially, the 300 Manhattan bagel makers covered the recipe. Meetings were held in Yiddish and only the members' sons were authorized to participate. When the automatic bagel machine was invented in the 1960s, the community lost influence.

Since then, bagels have become a tradition, with fillings as varied as those who grow and consume them. Did you know that before it's baked, it's the only bread product to be boiled and that the hole in the middle has a functional purpose? It makes it easier for the baker to string them along a dowel, making them easier to transport.

Are you a fan of bagels? On the run, it makes for good food, but what does your bagel option say about your personal circumstances? Here's a fun infographic that shows that some insights into your personality and recent behavior are generated by your favorite option of bagel.

The humble bagel originated in Poland, where among the Jewish community it was a custom. It's Yiddish for the word bagel or beigel. It is derived from the term meaning ring or bracelet in German. This bread product's first written history dates back to 1610. At that time, bagels were given to women who had just given birth as presents.

What your bagel order says about you #infographic

infographic by: mashable.com

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