10 ways to keep your brain healthy #infographic


10 ways to keep your brain healthy #infographic

Our brains require exercise, like every other part of the body. It is crucial that we push ourselves to keep every region of the brain functioning to avoid decline. The brain is prompted to develop new pathways by discovering new stimulating intellectual activities. Such challenges can be as easy as learning to play a musical instrument, taking lessons in dance, or learning a foreign language.

It goes without saying that nourishment is needed for a healthy brain. Make sure that your diet includes proteins and unsaturated fats and is well-balanced. Equally crucial is remaining engaged. Exercise encourages good physical , psychological, and mental health. The heart rate and blood pressure that can cause a stroke are exacerbated by anxiety, so make sure you still take care of your mental health. Daily exercise tends to relieve stress and anxiety too.

Global life expectancy in 2016 was 72, according to the World Health Organisation, and life expectancy is rising year by year. Sounds like good news, but we need to take steps to keep our brains in good condition because increased age is correlated with mental deterioration. In early adulthood, cognitive impairment can begin, but it is not unavoidable. As seen in this infographic, looking after your brain is not that different from looking after your general physical health.

10 ways to keep your brain healthy #infographic

infographic by: believeperform.com

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