12 Advantages of Revolvers Over Semi-Auto Pistols #infographic


12 Advantages of Revolvers Over Semi-Auto Pistols #infographic

Here is an infographic courtesy of Reloaderaddict.com outlining the advantages over the glamorous, new semi-auto pistol of those allegedly archaic six-shooters. Twelve benefits are illustrated and detailed.

When you have seen all these benefits, you can get a sense of the conventional wheelgun's untapped and ignored aspects and how, far from being outdated, it might make sense as your primary gun of choice for self-defense. This does not even list all the benefits it would have for other uses, such as pistol hunting, that are particularly appropriate for the revolver.

Pull the lever, load the cylinder, and call it a day. In every aspect, the revolver is amazingly easy. So much so that using one revolver with double action quickly converts into using how to use other revolvers with double action. Loading one can drop round bullets into round holes and you're golden if you can do that. For a very long time, revolvers have been around and their styles have changed, but the basic fundamentals are still the same.

Revolvers are generally very reliable mechanically. They tend to have fewer moving parts, which avoids jams, feeding failure, and it is fast and easy to repair misfires. If the gun doesn't bang when you say it, only pull the trigger and say it again. You can shoot it on the human side without thinking about a limp wrist triggering a malfunction.

In the most potent of calibers, revolvers are available. This includes rounds such as the Casull .454, the Ruger .480, and the Magnum .500 S&W. These calibers allow you to hunt nearly any size of game. Heck, it is possible to load even shotshells into some particular revolvers. For hunting anything from small to big dangerous game, these various revolvers can be used. Whilst magnum automatics exist, the most powerful rounds can not be chambered and are notoriously finicky.

Revolvers, as long as they are the right caliber, can work for all types of ammunition types. This involves reduced loads of recoil, hollow points, wadcutters, soft points, and more. Some calibers also allow you to swap ammunition, such as .38 Special and .357 magnum, .44 Special and .44 Magnum, .454 Casull and .45 Colt, etc. To allow you to fire automatic cartridges such as 9 mm and .45 ACP, some revolvers even have interchangeable cylinders.

Easier to conceal.

Usually, revolvers are easier to cover than automatic ones. Not only because of their scale and power ratio, but because of their circular layout. It is less likely that the round grips, barrel, and cylinder would print and build lines under a t-shirt. This avoids printing and guarantees that it is never quickly detected by your revolver. In what's known as air weight models, revolvers also come in. These are incredibly light and very easy weapons to use.

For large barrels a small revolver can be chambered. It's normally a .357 Magnum in a little revolver with snubnoses. The scale and strength ratio of a revolver can not be balanced automatically. Heck, Taurus made snubnose, 41 and 45 Colt pistols a little back some time and they were powerful for a concealed carrier weapon.

A 357 Magnum revolver is still smaller than a Magnum in the automatic platform even beyond snubnose revolvers. A medium-sized Magnum 357 is around the same size as a small Glock 19, but has much more strength.

You recharge your ammunition? Or are you going to want to? It saves resources, facilitates adaptable loads, and more. Revolvers keep the arms in the cylinder so that you can quickly pocket them or lock them in a box or bag later to reload. This is particularly useful for certain pricey magnum calibers. Save the brass reduces the ammunition cost significantly and saves money on ammunition you can fire money.

Good Ergonomics

The grip of a revolver does not, like an automatic, depend on the size of a magazine. This enables short grips, long grips, large grips, and thin grips to be selected. The controls are minimal, and both large and small hands can easily access them. They are simple weapons and that simplicity translates into controls that are minimal but well positioned. They also come from the .22 LR to the .500 S&W Magnum, the most powerful production cartridge in the world, in a lot of different calibers. You'll be able to find a gun that fits with your size and weight, somewhere between those calibers.

12 Advantages of Revolvers Over Semi-Auto Pistols #infographic

infographic by: www.reloaderaddict.com

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