20 Tips for Moving With Kids #infographic


20 Tips for Moving With Kids #infographic

When you move, you don't always get an option, but if you do, pick a period free of other big stressors and transitions (i.e. moving across school years, before beginning school for young children, or after major changes such as potty training).

Moving with children is a big mechanism. Give them plenty of time to adapt to the concept by telling them well in advance about the change. They will have time to think about the change with early notice, process it with you and others, ask all the questions that arise, feel the range of emotions that come with movement, and plan better for a good transition.

For kids , especially younger children, moving may be a rather nebulous idea. Enable them to understand exactly what will happen by taking the time to learn about the changes that are brought about by moving. To further illustrate the idea in an age-appropriate way, you can also find books to read.

Getting relocated causes tension. Passing the burden of house searching or packing, however, would only make the process more difficult for your kids. Instead, aim to remain optimistic. The sad or challenging parts of the transfer do not have to be overlooked (See Point 5 below). However, you make your children (and yourself) feel better about the transition when you take the time to talk about the good things the move can bring for your family. You might also discover that your children are starting to display some enthusiasm about the possibility of relocating.

For anyone to feel around a move, a broad range of emotions is normal. You should expect to experience both negative and optimistic feelings from your children leading up to the big day. Making it easier for them by accepting them and even expressing some of your own feelings to handle these feelings. If you feel like they need some clinical help in working through their major, moving-related feelings, you can even line up a counselor to assist your children.

20 Tips for Moving With Kids #infographic

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