39 Ultimate Email Marketing Statistics in 2020 #Infographic


39 Ultimate Email Marketing Statistics in 2020 #Infographic

For marketers to achieve enormous results, email marketing is the most growing and evolving strategy. The pattern of email marketing is changing day by day.

Running a campaign or sending a newsletter does not mean that it is reliable and effective for your email campaign. It can not be a part of an effective email marketing campaign to send thousands of emails in bulk without personalizing.

Marketers must be aware of the patterns, best practices and tips that are being carried out by established brands before hitting the send button.

In the one hand, as email marketing is used by marketers and businesses as the strongest weapon to bring more leads and conversions, on the other hand , people get more emails than ever before.

Maximum reading of emails from mobile devices. When more individuals access emails from the iPhone mobile computer, the iPhone is the king of email marketing.

Many businesses only earn millions of dollars from email marketing, while many businesses are dumping their money because they don't know how to efficiently do it.

To come to an eventual conclusion, there are so many aspects that you can try, research and experiment.

Since the open rate of an email, click-through rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate differed from individual to individual. You refine your subject line, the preview snippet, layout, CTAs, and do customization to achieve a certain level.

39 Ultimate Email Marketing Statistics in 2020 #Infographic

infographic by: www.theblueoceansgroup.com

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