6 Ways to Legally Protect Your Small Business #Infographic


6 Ways to Legally Protect Your Small Business #Infographic

Sometimes when they first start a company, people are so busy thinking about sales, promotion and branding that they don't stop thinking how can I protect my company?

It ought not to be an after-thought.

Both of us want to excel and all of us hope for the best, but things don't always go to plan. It is worth spending some time setting things up correctly from the beginning. Later, it could save you a lot of pain down the track!

Make sure you're not unintentionally copying the company name or brand of anyone else!

Before you begin to spend money on your website, branding and promotions, spend a few minutes checking out the competition. Checking is free of charge.

Check existing names: Using Business Name Check, search to see whether a business name is available.

Check current trade marks: Make sure you do not infringe on the intellectual property ( IP) of anyone else. To learn about looking for trade marks in Australia and abroad, visit the IP Australia website.

Registering a web address: Learn about registering a domain name if you want to use your proposed company name as part of your web address.

Apply for a trade mark: Apply for a trade mark on the IP Australia website to safeguard your brand name.

The Australian Business License and Information Service, or ABLIS, is the best place to find out (for free-bonus!) what licenses you need.

Use their quick search feature to find necessary details on licenses, certificates, permits and assistance you need for your organization at all levels of government.

6 Ways to Legally Protect Your Small Business #Infographic

infographic by: www.herlawyer.com.au

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