66 Force Powers From the Star Wars Universe #infographic


66 Force Powers From the Star Wars Universe #infographic

The Power, what is it? The Force was a strong, mystifying energy field in the epic space saga of Star Wars that is present in all beings, forming a connection that binds all in the universe. Although the Force was inside all beings, only a few had the inherent capacity to tap into and form the Force's raw power to their will.

This infographic by PlaygroundEquipment.com discusses 66 Force powers that can be accomplished by these Force-sensitive people depending on their level of attention, strength, emotional state, and context.

For knowledge and protection, a Jedi uses the Power. "Never for assault. "-Yoda

The light side was associated with selflessness, self-knowledge, kindness, enlightenment, healing, benevolence, and mercy on the continuum of the Force. Those who embraced the light side of the Force believed in living in harmony with the world around them, preferring to act instead of instinct and passion out of wisdom and rationality. Meditation was also a vital part of doing this mental and emotional

Raw emotions such as hate, violence, rage, greed, and passion fueled the dark side of the Force. The Sith is an ancient religious order dedicated to the dark side of the Force. Although the dark side of the Force is not necessarily greater than the light side, colossal strength was achieved more easily and rapidly by those who were able to arm their emotional intensity

66 Force Powers From the Star Wars Universe #infographic

infographic by: www.playgroundequipment.com

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