9 Live Chat Benefits for Businesses #Infographic


9 Live Chat Benefits for Businesses #Infographic

Research shows that the average response time on social media for customer service requests is 10 hours, while with an average wait time of over 12 hours, email responses take much longer! In this day and age, this is obviously unreasonable and unavoidably causes you to lose customers. How, then, can you almost instantaneously respond to your customers? The solution is straightforward: use live chat!

Live chat software allows you to communicate with your clients in real-time conversations while they are visiting your website. Not only is it quick and convenient for you, but it will absolutely be loved by your customers. Up to 33% of clients now expect to see live chat offered on any website, in reality. When you consider the fact that live chat is currently 100x faster than any other digital service channel, this is not shocking.

Questions about your product or service will naturally be asked by prospects and clients visiting your website. What makes live chat so effective is that, when the potential customer is already on your page, it allows you to address them instantly. In other words, you have the opportunity to hold your buyers by the hand and help them overcome any reservations about making a purchase with this useful tool. It's almost like getting a sales assistant on your website on stand-by, live!

Live chat can also help you reduce expenses for customer service. It's a well-known fact that it comes at a cost to offer outstanding customer service. This is because a customer service agent can normally manage all phone and email requests in typical call centers. But, one at a time only!

9 Live Chat Benefits for Businesses #Infographic

infographic by: thewebsitegroup.co.uk

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