A Podcast With an Effectiveness Review With Covid-19 Travel Prohibitions #article


A Podcast With an Effectiveness Review With Covid-19 Travel Prohibitions #article

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It took me only 13 episodes to sob into my mic. Oh, I swear, I'm not going to make it a habit. "Watch for the pathos," already my brother warned me. (You can always count on French to distrust the show of vulnerability.)

When I heard Home Secretary Priti Patel declare compulsory quarantines for anyone moving from France to England, in May I became a blubber. The emotions ran high at the end of the spring locken and that vote was the last straw. (I 'd tell UK; but it's very hard, every devolved nation has its own laws and I'm not sure in which country I live. Story for another episode.) Priti Patel still never reveals anything positive news, so I was first prepared.

A Podcast With an Effectiveness Review With Covid-19 Travel Prohibitions #article

I broke down and recorded a voice memo, which I always do when thoughts come up that might find their way into my writing as a reminder to myself. It wasn't meant for broadcasting, but the tape was fine. If someone else had spoken, I wouldn't have hesitated to make it my leather.

 (Just ask Sara Webber, whose weeping rant leads to episode 7.) We reporters ask people to reveal to us their most private moments; then, when we deliver the news, we pretend to be impartial automatons. This isn't fair. So it's me being vulnerable this time, but don't be fooled: I'm completely embarrassed.

So that's the episode's first 15 seconds. The rest is an examination of whether I was right to weep, and I hit the books, more true to the brand. I read academic journals and spoke to a few scientists to find out whether travel restrictions make sense to combat covid-19 or whether they are pure placebo policy. Closed borders, compulsory quarantines and travel bans.

It really takes 25 minutes for the answer to be replied, so I won't be here. Go have a listen. Go have a listen. The right part of me doesn't like the answer I have, but the part of me that likes to be in control loves my cries. But the exploration was fascinating.

A Podcast With an Effectiveness Review With Covid-19 Travel Prohibitions #article

 There was always election nights in the newsroom that meant pizza. (Go home, Q.) It's going to be lockdown pizza this year. I know that overnight on November 3-4 we probably don't have definite outcomes, but I know that I'll probably also never sleep.

 I don't have a chance to spend the night alone on my TV. So I host a party with a zoom! I will open a link, I can have up to 100 people, I will open it first to subscribers to newsletters. It's not going to be alive, it's just hanging out with friends on TV. Login here. Login here. (Please, no one is pushing to Toobin.)

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