Disabled Access and All Access: Benefits of Web Accessibility #infographic


Disabled Access and All Access: Benefits of Web Accessibility #infographic

The generation of America's Baby Boom (born between 1946 and 1964) is estimated at 73 million , representing 20 per cent (percent) of the American population, like the disabled population. In the United States, the politically dominant age group holds $2.6 trillion in purchasing power. The study also confirmed that the second largest age group is more than twice as likely to prioritize product labels that have the information they can better appreciate than any other age group.

The most economically powerful generation will not be shocked to know that your website is built to satisfy them in contrast to your competitors. Their buying patterns have changed, aside from the fact that they are more likely to prioritize goods and websites that benefit them. Via laptops, tablets , and other devices, they are now making more transactions online, which is perfect for an age group responsible for more than half of US spending.

Again, the production of marketing campaigns and business strategies targeting seniors aged 56 and above! Not only can you prevent your customers from going over to a competitor; this will see you add new customers, improve your chances of keeping their friends and family, and improve your reputation of the brand. Intrusion.

Search engines love, but hang on to, open pages. Getting an open website can increase traffic, but only when the website can turn traffic to a company can it contribute to value.

Making the website available includes using headings effectively, unique page names, simple and informative link texts, offering text alternatives, focus control, better handling of errors, improving form labels, creating quick navigation, and more, which also cut through best practices in SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). This will mean that the accessible website will become more usable, provide improved user experience, enhanced usability and can be more easily tracked by search engines, become more important, competitive, and improved ranked in SERPs ( search engine results pages) when accessibility is combined with usability principles (link to What is usability? How does it apply to accessibility article),

While this is only a fragment of the WCAG approaches, it can definitely lead to an expanded audience, but the true value of benefits is the ability of the website to turn that traffic into cash.

Disabled Access and All Access: Benefits of Web Accessibility #infographic

infographic by: www.whoisaccessible.com

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