Does government money go where it needs to? #infographic


Does government money go where it needs to? #infographic

Everyone knows that staggering amounts of money are involved in government spending.

However, most will be surprised to hear how much public money is finding its way to the private industry.

The vast public-private partnership continues to expand. The 2020 budget plan has been issued by the White House, and a vast amount of money will continue to flow to private corporations.

Taxpayers who finance the money charged to purchase goods and services from federal , state and local funds deserve transparency. It is fair to expect private enterprises to satisfy, in good faith, their contractual obligations.

Inevitably, these government services and the funds they distribute attract fraudsters. Enormous budgets distributed by the private sector to government procurement build a staggering corruption opportunity. Whistleblowers using the false claims act, battling this abuse, continue to help expose the individuals and corporations seeking to defraud these services.

In July 2019, it was revealed that a Federal budget deal had been reached which will increase $320 billion in spending limits. Borrowing continues, federal government projects continue to collect funds, and the cash will continue to flow.

It would surprise most individuals who go about their day-to-day business to realize the full scope and reach of public money. Public money finds its way to the private sector through government services, departments, procurement and other means.

If our public-private partnership continues to expand, the question arises: how private our businesses are if the government is the primary customer and the primary driver of their growth is taxpayer money.

Does government money go where it needs to? #infographic

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