Google’s 12 Most Popular Product Acquisitions #infographic


Google’s 12 Most Popular Product Acquisitions #infographic

No other corporation tends to dig deep into its pockets and invest dollars, like Google does, on acquiring new businesses. From robots, games, mapping firms to security agencies, artificial intelligence, facial recognition to self-driven vehicles, Google has acquired all sorts of businesses; the list is very endless.

 While online advertising is Google's primary source of revenue, Google, which reorganized itself in 2015 under a new umbrella named "Alphabet," has made acquisitions of companies across different verticals. Google purchased 200 businesses as of December 2016, and their biggest acquisition was Motorola Mobility at $12.5 billion.

Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006. Everyone was suspicious of whether Google could make money on this site. But now, a decade later, YouTube is one of the main products of Google, with the global change from television to online videos in preference. With more than 1.3 billion users aboard, YouTube is also strategically associated with Google's search offering.

Android Android, purchased in 2005 for $50 million, is often touted as the best acquisition by Google to date. Ios, the most common OS in the world, does not really make money directly from Ios, but it helps drive mail and mobile activities that can then be monetized by Google.

Pyra Labs blogger Blogger was one of the first to be on Google's acquisition trail, dating back to 2003. Since Google acquired it, the easy-to-use blogging site has seen its user base grow to millions.

Google’s 12 Most Popular Product Acquisitions #infographic

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