How Does Search Engine Ranking Impact Click-Through-Rate? #infographic


How Does Search Engine Ranking Impact Click-Through-Rate? #infographic

By taking the number of clicks your ad or link gets, divided by the number of times your ad or link is seen, CTR is determined.

If you want to manually figure out your own click-through speeds, here is the simplest CTR calculator formula to use.

CTR = Impressions Clicks ÷. To get the percentage, you then need to multiply this amount by 100. For eg, if 10 clicks out of 1,000 impressions were obtained from your connection, your CTR will be 1 percent (10 ÷ 1,000 x 100).

The primary aim of a search engine optimization campaign is to rank at the top of the results pages of the search engine (SERPs). But if nobody clicks on it, an organic listing with a Top 10 Google ranking is not very successful. To receive useful leads from Google and other search outlets, you will need to focus on improving your organic click-through rate.

In particular, when measuring ROI metrics, such as cost per acquisition (CPA), effective cost per acquisition / action (eCPA), cost per action, cost per click (CPC), cost per lead, cost per impression (CPI) and revenue per thousand (RPM), CTR can also help marketers construct an image.

Search engines tend to give priority to PPC paid advertising and links that have a strong CTR when it comes to PPC promotions, so you should always focus on trying to boost click-through rates, as there can be a cumulative effect.

Knowing your click-through rates will also help you make educated choices on how your advertising can be improved.

For example, by comparing the CTR of two separate ads you have produced for the same product or service (split-testing), you might be able to boost your PPC click through rate. This will show you which type of ad works better for you, whether potential buyers may have developed banner blindness, whether you are working for or against your clickbait headline, or whether your clicktag is increasing interaction. This knowledge will then allow you to optimize future ad copies, to increase CTR and conversions further.

Finally, it can also pay to do some research by industry into average CTR, as this can vary very drastically.

How Does Search Engine Ranking Impact Click-Through-Rate? #infographic

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