How the COVID Pandemic Has Changed Operations on Constructions Sites #infographic


How the COVID Pandemic Has Changed Operations on Constructions Sites #infographic

With the COVID pandemic now a central part of our lives, it affects a lot of industries and the construction industry is not exempt.

See how this pandemic in this infographic by Bridgit has changed the building industry, and whether those changes are here to stay.

Worldwide, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has been felt. What began as an issue that felt like it was half a world away, rapidly became a global problem that changed the way business is done in various countries and industries significantly. No exception is the North American building industry. COVID and construction did not mix well, with general contractors now finding themselves in a place where they have the daunting task of balancing the safety of their team while attempting to retain a sense of normalcy, as the world is trying to manage the pandemic its way.

While the effects of construction during coronavirus can be felt at the national level, the essence of the effects depends , to a large degree, on the position of the respective general contractor and its projects. The direct effect on construction ranged from the slowdown of the goods, construction materials and manpower available to the suspension or termination of entire construction projects. While construction has picked up again in some states, in some countries the construction industry tends to fluctuate depending on whether or not construction projects are listed as "necessary."

A survey by the US Chamber of Commerce showed a substantial decrease in contractors (16%) expressing confidence in the ability of the industry to produce new projects in the next year (down from 54% in the previous quarter). The report also revealed an improvement in the number of contractors (21 percent) expected to see reduced sales (up from 2 percent in the previous quarter. However, the news is not all negative. The effect on the construction industry of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced general contractors to reassess their core processes and boost their operating efficiencies. Chris Griffin, CEO of Construction Industry

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How the COVID Pandemic Has Changed Operations on Constructions Sites #infographic

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