How to dress and impress #infographic


How to dress and impress #infographic

While it is true that "manners make the man" is just half of what it takes to be a Samuel Windsor man to know how to act. To establish the all-important positive first impression, dressing right and taking care of your grooming are also crucial.

It is time to let your inner gentleman shine once you have wowed the room with your classic menswear vibe. Do you need any tips that will help you "dress and impress"? Check out our final guide to designing a wardrobe to be proud of, complete with tips to help you pin down the details.

On workwear, never cut corners. You must always look immaculate as a professional who takes his job seriously. As are the correct accessories, a classic men's suit made of high-quality worsted wool fabric with half-canvas construction and a fine British cut is essential: a pair of well-polished black Oxfords, a properly-ironed cotton shirt, silk tie, and leather belt in the right color, never less.

What's your kind of friend? You need to adopt an attitude that makes you the type of person other people want to spend time with if you want to develop better friendships. By planning something different, like a trip to the races or a sporting event, be a pioneer in your friendship group. In their hour of need, be the guy that other people run to. And be generous with the refreshments and your time!

Make sure that you look at that part, too. People who slob out around their mates end up with losers hanging around. Meeting friends of yours? It is suitable for clever moleskins or twill skirts, a tactile Tattersall shirt and brown leather brogues. Shrug yourself into a tweed jacket, and you're all right to go.

The moment that they step through the front door, some men let themselves go. But what could be more important than your family time? This being the case, why would your appearance be neglected? Dressing well at home shows you love yourself and your relationship enough to think about what you look like to your partner. It also gives your children a positive message as well.

Just like spending time cooking nutritious meals, exercising, and enjoying enjoyable outdoor activities as a family, taking care of yourself sets a great example. Make the most of your holidays and the weekends and look good too. For a relaxed vibe that's manly yet approachable, consider indigo denim, chunky leather boots and a rugged Aran knit sweater. Not sufficiently cold for a jumper? Go for a shirt layered with corduroy over a simple white t-shirt.

You now know what to wear for any event and how to act when you're there. Add a few funny one-liners and you're going to be the person who others love to imitate. Take a look at our full infographic below for a quick, at-a-glance rundown of all these tips:

How to dress and impress #infographic

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