How to Use EAT to Outrank Your Competitors on Google #infographic


How to Use EAT to Outrank Your Competitors on Google #infographic

Although the ratings do not explicitly impact any website's ranking, Google uses it as a benchmark to continue to refine its algorithms so that high-quality and low-quality information can be detected by the search engine, and then force material that has better EAT signals on the search results.

About the bottom line? As you can see, for your site and its pages, none other than Google themselves say that E-A-T are really important factors.

So here's how EAT can take your SEO efforts to the next stage without further ado!

Any time someone enters a question in the search bar, the main aim of search engines is to provide the most accurate answer. The means to this end for Google is constant algorithm updates. Google rolls out a new set of rules or guidelines every so often to rate websites, so that website owners can, in turn, come up with content that gives users the best search experience.

One of those algorithm changes contained instructions for anything Google calls E-A-T, which if you've been interested in the industry you may have heard of before. Although this is not an unknown concept in digital marketing, the principle of optimizing for the EAT requirements of Google has never been more relevant than ever in helping you outperform other search results websites.

Expertise is a quality that can be directly attributed to an individual, referring to yourself as a content creator in this case. You need to have experience in content development according to Google's guidelines and invest a lot of effort and time on your content.

If you're thinking of producing professional content or enhancing the awareness of your current content, these tips are worth noting in your approach:

Find holes that can be filled by your content

With content marketing, any piece of content begins with research into keywords. You can draw up a marketing strategy by keeping track of what consumers are looking for on the site, which not only meets the needs of your audience, but also helps you to find other ways to attract your target market before someone else does.

For instance, you may try to predict the next collection of questions they might have, so if and when the opportunity occurs, you'll have content ready.

How to Use EAT to Outrank Your Competitors on Google #infographic

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