How Total Spend by U.S. Advertisers Has Changed, Over 20 Years #infographic


How Total Spend by U.S. Advertisers Has Changed, Over 20 Years #infographic

With a $239 billion advertisement economy in 2019, it is fair to assume that the U.S. is home to some of the planet 's largest advertisement spenders.

The COVID-19 pandemic, however, has led to a massive upheaval in advertising spending, and it is unlikely to recover for some time.

The above graph uses information from the 2020 Leading National Advertisers of Ad Age that calculates U.S. advertising spending every year, and rates 100 national advertisers by their total spending in 2019.

Let 's look at the labels that have the highest budgets.

Most of the top 10 biggest advertising spenders are in the telecommunications industry, but Amazon is the retail giant that tops the list with nearly $ 7 billion in advertising spending.

In reality, in 2019, Amazon spent an eye-watering $21,000 per minute on ads and promotion, making them arguably America's biggest ads spender.

The report provides many ways to look at this data, such as Procter & Gamble comes out on top for conventional media spending such as broadcasting and cable TV when looking at the highest spending by medium.

Expedia Group is the main spender on desktop search on the digital front, while Amazon tops the list for internet display ads.

It would be an understatement to suggest that the global COVID-19 pandemic has affected consumer behavior, and maybe the most significant shift is how they now consume material.

With more people staying safe indoors, traditional media formats, such as out-of-home advertising, are less necessary. As a consequence, online media is taking its place, as shown by an increase in spending on this format.

But despite advertisers seeking to refine their media strategy or fully strip down their budget, many governments around the world are ramping up their campaign budgets to spread public health messages, or to canvass, in the case of the U.S.

While advertising spending is expected to shrink by almost 13% in 2020, political advertising is excluded from this figure. The fall becomes a much more manageable 7.6 percent when you take that into account.

In addition, campaign spending for the 2020 U.S. election is expected to hit $7 billion, the same as Amazon's 2019 spending, according to market research company Kantar, making it the most expensive election of all time.

Will the secret to the advertising industry bouncing back again be political advertising?

How Total Spend by U.S. Advertisers Has Changed, Over 20 Years #infographic

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