Lawn Area Calculator #infographic


Lawn Area Calculator #infographic

We know about lawns, a thing or two, and no two lawns are the same. We see several different gardens from our lawn-laying operation, and not all of them boast a perfectly rectangular lawn.

We can help if you're struggling to find out how much turf to purchase for your lawn! To find out how to measure the area of your lawn, no matter what shape or size it is, check out our infographic below.

Place an order with us here once you've figured out how many rolls of turf you need. At our farm in Sandbach, we are a family-owned company that has been growing dense, lush and reliable turf for over 20 years, supplying the freshest cuts of turf throughout the UK.

Since gardens come in many shapes and sizes, no matter the lawn sizes, here's a handy way to calculate how many rolls of turf you need.

Measuring the lawn in meters is best as this is how turf is supplied most often. If you haven't counted in metres, use these conversions:

Lawn Area Calculator #infographic

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