Online Donor Behavior Stats You Need to Know #infographic


Online Donor Behavior Stats You Need to Know #infographic

Each year, Classy publishes the State of Modern Philanthropy report in an attempt to expose insights that will help the social sector engage their donor base more efficiently and build substantive ties with supporters. It delves into subjects such as repeat contributions, retention of donors, fundraising seasonality, and so much more.

Our team decided to deconstruct the online donor route for the 2020 report and answer questions such as:

  • Where does traffic come from for your Classy pages?
  • What styles of Classy campaign have the greatest conversion rates?
  • How much money for fundraising comes from recurring donors?
  • What is the optimum time spent on a donor conversion page?
  • How and when do they do it when donors return to take a second action?
In order to do this, in 2018 and 2019, our team analyzed over 6 million donor interactions supported by the Classy app. We gathered some answers to these questions in the infographic below, as well as thought-provoking data points from The State of Modern Philanthropy: Deconstructing the Path of Online Donors.

This is just a handful of the data exposed in the study. For even more insights into online donor behaviour, download your free copy of The State of Modern Philanthropy 2020 now.

Online Donor Behavior Stats You Need to Know #infographic

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