Sleep Hygiene Activities to Help You Sleep Soundly #infographic


Sleep Hygiene Activities to Help You Sleep Soundly #infographic

As mentioned, your sleep can be influenced by eating habits and what you drink, be it caffeine or alcohol. Alcohol is a sedative that may help you fall asleep initially, but you may notice that your sleep is interrupted later or that you sleep less comfortably than you need to. A stimulant is caffeine, which is why we always start the day off with a coffee. Caffeine can keep you alert and, while it can be a perfect way to start the day in the morning, insomnia may be triggered by excessive caffeine. Caffeine will linger in your bloodstream for many hours, so make sure that after lunchtime you reduce your consumption of caffeine. As your body uses energy to digest your food, consuming heavy meals close to bedtime can also disturb your sleep.

Pay attention to the smoking. Nicotine is also a stimulant which can induce sleeplessness. Sometimes, in order to relax, people smoke. Smoking does not, however, necessarily comfort you at all and, of course, smoking is detrimental to your health. Think of how you can cut down on smoking and substitute healthier and calmer ways to take care of yourself for nicotine.

Note what you eat, the use of mobile devices, the balance of the work life and any everyday pressures if you are having insomnia. Insomnia may be worsened by the alcohol and caffeine consumption, or triggered by it.

Get truthful about choices in your lifestyle! Do you stay up too late, or do you get up too late or too early? Ensure that your work space and sleep space are not one and the same if you work from home. Ensure that you can distinguish between your life at home and your work life. Don't waste the entire day in your pjs, then. Have a shower instead and get ready. Your body clock can get confused if you are a shift worker or work odd hours, so make sure your schedule stays consistent and doesn't change too frequently.

People who come for sleep hypnosis sessions would sometimes clarify that their insomnia began in the short term, but then became a longer-term issue. For starters, this can happen if you're going through a stressful situation. When you can't sleep, you may have one or two nights. Then you might adopt some bad habits to cope with it, such as waking up to watch television in the middle of the night, drinking too much alcohol before bed, and so on. Insomnia can then develop into a chronic, longer-term problem. Many individuals who approach me for addiction hypnosis support or for overeating or reducing alcohol find that their sleeping habits are often disrupted.

Sleep hygiene can be described as those activities or behaviors that you find on a regular basis conducive to sleeping well. Think about what allows you to fall asleep during the night. Look at your bedroom to see if there's a calming feeling. Note the lifestyle we have described here and the other considerations.

Sleep Hygiene Activities to Help You Sleep Soundly #infographic

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