The 50 Deadliest U.S. Counties For Bicyclists #infographic


The 50 Deadliest U.S. Counties For Bicyclists #infographic

Due to their low environmental impact and cost-saving advantages, electric bikes, scooters, and bicycles are growing in popularity. They also offer an incentive for people to get outside and exercise. The number of injuries increases as the number of cyclists on the road increases. These incidents can, sadly, lead to serious injury or even death. In the last 10 years , the number of bicycle fatalities each year has increased by 30 percent, and in 2018 alone, there were 857 bicyclists killed in traffic accidents.

We performed a systematic review of U.S. bicyclist fatality statistics. Transportation Department to assess which counties are the deadliest for cyclists in the world.

Florida's Monroe County is the birthplace of Key West. Key West is a very bike-friendly area and cycling is a very common way of getting around since the island is 4.2 square miles. Sadly, a bicycle crash is always a possible danger, and this popular destination is always full of visitors, making crashes frequent. Before getting on the lane, one must always consider the risks of riding a bicycle.

The cause of many bicycle accidents every year is careless drivers. It can be unpredictable for drivers who do not follow the rules of the road or are under the influence, placing even the most vigilant of cyclists in harm's way. You will need to contact a bike accident lawyer if you find yourself in a bicycle, e-bike, or scooter accident caused by a motorist, as the driver may be responsible for the injury.

The 50 Deadliest U.S. Counties For Bicyclists #infographic

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