The Effects of Stress on the Body #Infographic


The Effects of Stress on the Body #Infographic

Although a stress reaction is a natural process for our bodies and we certainly need it under some situations, it is not safe to be continuously stressed and it makes us sick. Literally, stress is the health crisis of the 21st Century, according to the World Health Organisation.

Three ways our bodies can be stressed are available:

  • Physical: this can be an injury, trauma, accident or fall
  • Chemical: This includes flu, bacterial infections, hangovers, and blood sugar levels that are not balanced
  • Emotional: this is fear-inducing circumstances, perceived workplace or financial pressure, family tragedies.

The infographic below explains both the short and long-term impact on the body that stress may have. Unchecked stress can contribute to many health issues, such as high blood pressure , heart disease, insomnia , depression, and more! Discover how to naturally treat stress in 2019

The Effects of Stress on the Body #Infographic

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