The Evolution Of Transport Over Time #infographic


The Evolution Of Transport Over Time #infographic

Every day, nearly everyone uses some form of transport, either directly or indirectly.

Even if they do not use it to get to and from work or get around their local area, through the use of transportation, they are likely to have benefited from getting their food , drink, and household goods brought closer to them from their place of origin.

Perhaps the miracles of modern transport, and how much it enhances our quality of life, are not always understood by us. This is a shame, because as transportation strategies have advanced over time, so have our lives.

Every leap forward in transport has created a fundamental change in how society works, from the invention of the wheel, right through to self-driving cars and beyond. For example, travel overseas became possible when strong , durable boats were built, while the invention of the motor car allowed people to travel much easier than ever before across countries.

To shed some light on the subject, we created an infographic on how transportation evolved over time from the most basic of ships to the vehicle that gave life to TLX Group and countless other companies, the articulated lorry!

Our infographic contains some interesting information about the surprising roots of the transport methods we use each and every day, professionally researched, written, and planned.

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The Evolution Of Transport Over Time #infographic

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