The Most Polluted Major Cities in America #infographic


The Most Polluted Major Cities in America #infographic

Breathing clean air and drinking clean water are two things many Americans take for granted, but maybe we shouldn't. In certain areas of the world, the air is full of particulates, the ozone layer is low, and drinking water is riddled with contaminants.

Here is a list of the 100 most populated towns in the US and ranked them using our pollution index. These are U.S. cities, ranked by air pollution, tap water contamination, and ozone levels. Will it be massive metropolitan areas or sprawling outskirts? This list of the most polluted cities in the US could shock you.

Wilmington, NC, which has a weighted annual mean concentration of 19 PM2.5, is the city with the cleanest air in the US. (Compare that with Las Cruces, which has 475 PM2.5.) With an EPA design value of .043, Eureka-Arcata-Fortuna, CA, has the lowest ozone ratings. Burlington-South Burlington, VT, which has a low median concentration of 20 PM2.5, and Winchester, VA-WV, which has 23 PM2.5, are other cities with the highest air quality.

Ironically, the city has some of the worst water in America with the slogan of "Water Wealth Contentment Health": Modesto, CA, which has 16 pollutants found in the water from the largest supplier for the region above health guidelines. According to the EWG, Weirton-Steubenville, WV-OH; Fresno, CA; McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, TX; and Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX, also have some fairly dirty tap water.

The Most Polluted Major Cities in America #infographic

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