The Power Of Push Notifications For Small Businesses #infographic


The Power Of Push Notifications For Small Businesses #infographic

Consider giving web push alerts a try if you are a small business owner searching for innovative and effective marketing tools to improve user interaction and retention. Not sure what it's going to mean? A browser-dependent contact tool that can reach a subscriber on his desktop or smartphone, even if he is not browsing your website, is Web push notification. It's a relatively new channel of marketing that allows you to break through the digital noise and engage in real-time with your audience.

However, the secret to success is not the tool itself, but the way one decides to use it, just as with any marketing tool. And the fact is, most small online companies are still trying to find various uses that will help them improve conversions for web push notifications.

Often, almost every marketer who is willing to give web push notifications a chance is asked a basic but critical question: how do I use web push notifications to achieve meaningful conversion results?

Let's presume you are a beachwear apparel company based in Australia and you are currently running a summer sale. Any of your clients and prospects may be coping with winter freeze, even though it might be summer time for you.

Web push notification that promotes summer sales may be meaningless to this unique group of individuals, so you can consider removing them from the list of receivers. However, having a separate campaign of the same offer but different copies would be wise, targeting consumers from the rest of the world. Who knows, some of them may be in a faraway country packing a suitcase for a beach getaway.

As you can see, you must carefully segment your audience in order to send specific messages to your subscribers. Based on items they have in common, group your subscribers together, whether it is their geographical position, a certain type of product they have already shown interest in, or the computer they have used to access your website.

Web push notifications are relatively brief and can be 40 to 120 characters long, depending on the browser. This implies that you must produce a copy that is transparent and convincing in order to see meaningful conversion results.

It should go without saying that an actionable call-to-action should always be included in the online push notification copy. In your message, you want to express a strong advantage and benefit to inspire subscribers to take immediate action.

And aim to build a fear of losing out by sending push notifications that advertise special offers. "Today Only", "Hurry, Ends Soon" and "Last Chance" are the phrases that will make it too difficult to move on your push post.

The Power Of Push Notifications For Small Businesses #infographic

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