The Startup Conversation #article


The Startup Conversation #article

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I have the chance to chat about what he is doing at its start-up and any suggestions I have on budding entrepreneurs with Ivan Lee, co-founder and CEO of Datasaur.

Lee is's founding and CEO. For ML teams operating on NLP, Datasaur develops data labelling tools. After studying computer science at Stanford he worked in the machine learning, search and gaming sectors. Lee is guided through practical practice by creating coherent teams and creating technical breakthroughs.

Spotlight for Startup: Datasaur

Problem: Today, most businesses rely on Excel spreadsheets or half-baked internal software to manage the labeling of their results. Not only are these techniques slow (sometimes it takes days to mark simple datasets), but they are prone to error and harm the final machine learning ( ML) model 's efficiency.

Market: Companies will need to find an appropriate and scalable process to mark their existing data to train their ML algorithms as ML becomes widespread over the coming decade. Since ML is a "garbage-in, garbage-out" technology, data from quality training is essential to the implementation of specific solutions.

Solution: The program from Datasaur comes with ML-assisted labeling and workforce management functionality, providing you with the resources you need to produce higher quality information, greater visibility of the efficiency of your staff, and substantial cost savings. Our customers have been able to mark data more than 100 percent faster on average and, more importantly, with less mistakes.

Team: The second time Datasaur 's founder Ivan Lee graduated in Stanford with a CS degree and is sponsored by YC, the Initialized Capital and the OpenAI CTO. The whole team of 10 was distant from the outset and distributed over 5 separate cities from San Francisco to Bali.

The Startup Conversation #article

Latest achievement:

Lee: I agree that we have listened closely to our customers and built the key features they need. Our interface for simple text marking was optimized first. We have found that the supervision of our staff was a major problem for many of our customers. We now spend the bulk of our time improving staff management and device intelligence, and every other approach in the market is incompatible with our range. Once consumers discover us, they are delighted to find what they have built up internally in the next three years!

The Recent Fight:

Lee: Moving gears from business-to - consumer (B2C) to business-to - business (B2B) has been a fascinating challenge. While a lot of my knowledge of product and engineering practices was transferable, I was certainly pushed out of my comfort zone by sales. It's been a fascinating exercise for my own personality to balance improving sales pitches, but I think I 'm finally getting the hang of it. I loved that it was easier to prioritize our product roadmap-our consumers are not at all reluctant or vague about stating what they want!

Advice from the Founder:

Lee: During normal times, starting a company is challenging. Given the current climate, it's even more demanding. Make sure that you take the time and space to take care of yourself, so that you can take care of your team.

The Startup Conversation #article

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