The Top Podcasts on Spotify Across Countries #infographic


The Top Podcasts on Spotify Across Countries #infographic

In the middle of the breakout age of podcasts, we are. Since the start of the mobile boom, with viewers all over, the digital audio format has gained serious traction. It's predicted that by 2022, there will be 132 million podcast listeners in the U.S. alone.

Today, 850,000 active podcasts in 100 languages are available, with more than 30 million episodes to tap into, great if you have an afternoon for yourself.

Spotify, the industry's biggest global music service for paying users, offers the data in this infographic. On a per country basis, how do the top podcasts fare?

A familiar interview or conversational format is practiced by many of the top shows around the world, but there are patterns that deviate from that formula. There are a variety of podcasts based, in particular, on health and wellness as well as current affairs.

The podcast boom is fueled by younger generations, and a large portion of the overall podcast audience worldwide is represented by both millennials and Gen Z. In particular, after the age of 35-54, millennial listenership numbers experience a significant decrease.

Flexibility and variety are key characteristics that help drive the medium 's growth. One can keep up with serious world affairs or listen to Call Her Daddy-a Barstool Sports podcast on sex and relationships, another podcast that always tops the charts.

With over 26 million unique monthly audience members, National Public Radio (NPR) is at the top of the list when it comes to key industry participants. IHeartRadio has a record 494 shows in a close second.

Many in the top 20 are publicly traded companies that either stand alone or are part of a larger company if you're bullish on podcasts. The New York Times, ESPN as part of Disney, and Warner Media as part of AT&T are notable stocks.

Due to the entrance of Big Tech into space, as well as the viability and monetization problems that usually plague the music industry as a whole, Spotify 's direct listing IPO was initially met with a lack of trust. The company, however, has done well in reducing those concerns, especially if you consider the stock price of Spotify, which has doubled in the past year. An remarkable 21 percent of monthly active users of Spotify connect with material from the podcast.

Moreover, a wealth of personalities have joined the room of podcasting. These big names indicate that there is a dial-up market.

An exclusive partnership between Spotify and Joe Rogan, estimated at over $100 million, has taken the podcasting world by storm in recent months. For the podcast timeline, this is quite a historic move, and one that indicates further deals will follow as Spotify seeks to lock individuals with exclusive deals into their network.

The Top Podcasts on Spotify Across Countries #infographic

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