Web Design Meets Science #infographic


Web Design Meets Science #infographic

The online presence of an organization via a successful website is invaluable in times of the Corona Pandemic. But what really looks like a good home page? How do scientific results help us to build these pages?

A menu layout is the foundation of a good website. The fewer items on the menu, the better. This is what is said in Hick 's law. Furthermore, slider elements should be avoided, because users do not notice them anyway. This has been identified in various studies of eye-tracking. Did you also know the red call-to - action buttons perform better than those in blue? And that the website's left side gets 80 percent of the focus and just 20 percent of the right side?

Take a look at this Grafikingenieur.de infographic and gain from the results of over 22 scientific studies linked to a good home page.

Web Design Meets Science #infographic

infographic by: grafikingenieur.de

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