Which Countries Produce The Most Palm Oil? #infographic


Which Countries Produce The Most Palm Oil? #infographic

Thanks to its flexibility and durability, palm oil production has risen sharply over the past five decades. It does not spoil easily and has a high melting point along with its cheaper price, main advantages over other vegetable oils. This has meant that a whole range of widely used items, including lipstick, perfume, pasta, chocolate and bio diesel, are now present. Between 1995 and 2015, annual production quadrupled and it is projected to quadruple again by 2050.

The growth of palm oil has had disastrous effects for the climate, as it is produced in tropical rainforests. This has resulted in mass and unregulated deforestation, damaging the habitat of a variety of endangered species, including the orangutan, the Sumatran tiger, and the rhino. It has also had an impact on rural areas in poorer countries, leading to higher wages, but also systematic violations in labor and abuses of human rights.

Which countries generate it, considering just how ubiquitous palm oil has become? Data from the United States Department of Agriculture shows that in only two countries, Indonesia and Malaysia, almost 85 percent of palm oil production occurs. Indonesia developed 42.5 million tons or 58% of the global supply in 2019, while Malaysia provided 19 million tons or 26%.

Which Countries Produce The Most Palm Oil? #infographic

infographic by: www.statista.com

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