Yours Guide to Seasonal Products #infographic


Yours Guide to Seasonal Products #infographic

Local products where you can ask the farmers about how they grow the food and what they use are the only healthy non-organic products we suggest. You face heavy pollution, otherwise.

On the other hand, if you choose between organic and non-organic processed foods, you should choose a non-organic product. A conventional vegetable is certain to be better than refined foods.The more costly the product, the more pesticides, especially on holidays, will be used to protect it.

One of the most protected crops in spring is strawberries. They are used for Valentine's Day in the southern regions. The need for big, perfect berries causes sprays to be overused by farmers.

Fruits, along with corn , soy, and wheat, are one of the most heavily sprayed crops. It is fair to say that any fruit, synthetic or organic, has chemicals on it.

In those secret areas, fruit with lots of folds and pitting appears to accumulate chemicals and debris. Thus, the more bumpy the fruit is, the more organic or local you can pick.

Apples are often extensively sprayed, with many organic sprays being used also by organic farmers. To stop the worst of the contamination, stick to organic and local apples.

Yours Guide to Seasonal Products #infographic

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