1 in 3 Drivers Found Covid-19 Rules Confusing #infographic


1 in 3 Drivers Found Covid-19 Rules Confusing #infographic

It is no wonder that 36.5 percent of UK drivers surveyed were uncertain as to what they can and can not do, with ever-changing rules that differ by area and local lockdowns. But under lockout, what were the driving rules? Over time, how have they evolved and how does your place play a role?

A new study by Refused Car Finance showed that 1 in 3 drivers found the rules to be 'confusing' during the first lockout of COVID-19 in England.

The survey found that drivers did not grasp the ever-changing laws as to when, how fast and for what reasons, you can and can't drive. They also discovered that over 1/4 of drivers said they shared a car with someone outside their household or bubble of encouragement.

There were no longer any limits on how far you could go as the lockdown relaxed, people were able to return freely to offices and businesses and accommodation, holiday homes and campsites were reopened.

People have been able to book a holiday or night away at several famous UK 'staycations' and hotels since July 4 , 2020. Our survey found that, after the latest regulations had come into effect, only 16.7 percent of drivers had driven to a UK staycation.

It is recommended that you and members of your household should stay at home while self-isolating. You do not go to work , school, supermarkets or other public places. In order to buy food or other essentials, you need not leave the home, meaning you should not travel when isolating yourself. You should instead invite family or friends to shop for you or schedule shopping and distribution online.

6.3% of our surveyed anonymous drivers said they had driven when they were meant to be self-isolating, and 7.9% said they had driven while having symptoms of COVID-19.

Over 1/4 of drivers indicated from our latest survey that they shared a car with someone outside of their household or service bubble. Is this unlawful, not recommended, or merely frowned upon?

In September 2020, when COVID-19 cases began to escalate again in regions such as North East, Greater Manchester, Leicester, North West, West Midlands and West Yorkshire, many central lockout controls came into effect. People are also advised, where possible, to go to work, just to stop using public transport.

Current ride-sharing recommendations from the Department of Transport outline that if you normally share a car with someone outside your home, e.g. a colleague, you can aim to find a different way to drive to minimize the chance of social interaction. However, as long as you take care to reduce the chance of illnesses, the official rules suggest you should share vehicles with someone outside of your home. Any other precautions include:

1 in 3 Drivers Found Covid-19 Rules Confusing #infographic

infographic by: www.refusedcarfinance.com

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