10 Popular Locations From the Movies You Should Linger #infographic


10 Popular Locations From the Movies You Should Linger #infographic

Both of them have used movies to hide. But what if the escape could be taken and made real? Movie scenes are also filmed in actual locations where you can do more than just see, even spend a whole night. Taking a ride beyond the confines of your local theatre or living room and spend a night in a place you figured you might just explore on-screen. Courtesy of Reservations.com, those hot spots are here!

Both based on a true story or set in a actual environment, our favorite movies have a great sense of realism built in.

Although shooting on a lot in Hollywood is always more cost-effective for movie studios, some of the most beautiful works in the world are shot on site.

From Lord of the Rings to Star Wars to Lost in Translation, if they didn't draw from the surrounding world, these films would not be the same. This Reservations.com infographic highlights some of the top film environments that you can potentially spend the night in. Well, that's right: you can stay at the same eerie hotel that inspired The Shining, and go back and be at Octopussy 's root.

The underground mansion of this film's millionaire antagonist, hiding a beautiful, sophisticated humanoid robot in the ruggedly beautiful Norwegian wild, is a modernist fantasy trapped right in the middle of absolute forest. A single home with beautiful floor to ceiling windows is unveiled by meticulous cinematography, but what looks like a home is actually one of the 9 detached hotel rooms that visitors can book at any time.

Rest assured, you're not going to find a jaded, sad robot power-cutting and messing with your mind. Function for Ex Machina on the hotel web.

Stuck in Japan, alone and a little lost in the world, the Park Hyatt Hotel bar brings Bob and Charlotte together. In the movie as well as in real life, this hotel exists. You will stay at this exquisite hotel to get a preview of the extremely impressive views of the city and experience Japanese omotenashi (hospitality) as well. We recommend visiting the bar if you decide that you would like to meet someone when you're there.

There is more about Omotenashi than mere hospitality. There is no clear translation, but a decent summary requires both behaving from the heart selflessly and, most notably, anticipating others' needs.

This film's defining scene involves aerial shots showing how dangerously high Tom Cruise was during the most nail-biting stunt of his film while demonstrating the Burj Khalifa 's towering height. Fans will tour this skyscraper and stay at the exclusive Armani Hotel under its mirrored walls. It's just what you 'd expect, a smooth blend of luxury and class with a high level of service so that visitors really know they're living within the walls of the highest building in the world.

The Burj could accommodate 2.7 Eiffel Towers stacked inside at 828 m or 2716.5 ft.

I wouldn't advocate giving out bits of gum to tip the concierge, but next time you're in town to relive the magic of one of our beloved Christmas movies, probably stay in this New York City hotel.

You can replicate Kevin's lavish stay at The Plaza and feast on lots of ice cream if you happen to have a stack of credit cards without limits.

Don't forget the Mr. Trump 's famous cameo of his amazingly supportive, "Down the hall and to the left."

From this lighter and more playful film capturing the antics of agent 007, Ardent Bond fans might remember the enchanting, floating palace.

In the center of Lake Pichola, the exquisite haven literally sits on 4 acres of land. Don't worry, in the local seas, there are no snapping crocodiles, but there is only one way to the Palace: through their special first class boat service.

The main character, Octopussy, in the entire Bond Film Franchise, was the first female villain. It did not take long for her, of course, to turn sides and succumb to Mr. James Bond 's charm.

10 Popular Locations From the Movies You Should Linger #infographic

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