11 RN to BSN Nursing Statistics You Need to Know in 2020 #infographic


11 RN to BSN Nursing Statistics You Need to Know in 2020 #infographic

Nursing is a satisfying and valued profession. Today, we see, more than ever, the need for highly trained and caring nurses in our communities. They are in demand in healthcare institutions across Massachusetts and the globe.

Completing an RN-BSN initiative in this state provides some of the world's most renowned hospitals and medical schools here in Massachusetts with a variety of opportunities.

It is straightforward:

You will develop the skills and qualifications you need to enjoy an increasingly competitive, rewarding career by spending your time in an online RS-BSN degree program.

Were you aware?

Acute care facilities that hold a BSN degree and a 10 percent higher proportion of RNs minimize the risk of medical mortality by 5 percent.

So, you will play a key role in raising the quality of healthcare in Massachusetts, and beyond, by winning a BSN.

Online RN-BSN services draw on the nursing skills and talents you already have, offering you an ability to step up your career growth.

Online RN-BSN services are proving to be increasingly versatile, respected, and viable alternatives for up-skilling current nurses, but what exactly do they involve?

Fist of all, RN-BSN online classes are 100 percent distance-based and take up to 16 months as opposed to four years (depending on the personal level of experience and credits).

These courses are incredibly versatile and tailored for busy RN trained nurses, addressing a variety of realistic and theoretical topics, to match their studies with their actual and undeniably challenging schedules.

Plus, you can pass them to speed up your learning and lower your course costs in the process if you have existing credits from other institutions.

Our RN-BSN curriculum at Labour College is more than realistic. At $350 per credit, our service is one of Massachusetts' most competitive initiatives.

If you have already finished the RN degree but do not have any more credits to pass, the RN-BSN 's full tuition is about $17,150. Many of our students, though, pass credits from previous college classes, dropping their average costs to about $10,500.

'Nursing is an art: and if it is to be an art, it needs a dedication as exclusive, a planning as hard, as the work of any painter or sculptor ... It's one of the fine arts; the best of the fine arts, I almost said. Florence Nightingale, 1859

We hope that you are encouraged to obtain your Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, and that you can maintain or share these important perspectives with fellow peers searching for promising potential career prospects for your guide.

11 RN to BSN Nursing Statistics You Need to Know in 2020 #infographic

infographic by: www.laboure.edu

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