5 Skills That Will Be In Demand in 2020 and Beyond #infographic


5 Skills That Will Be In Demand in 2020 and Beyond #infographic

The nature of work is continually changing due to new technologies, shifting economic conditions and global demand. In the past, people have been able to stick with the same organization for decades, climb up the ladder and learn new skills only if necessary. Today, the labor market looks a lot different. People do not stick with their jobs for as long, and those who do not develop their abilities fear getting outdated as well.

The Department of Labor estimated this summer that there were nearly 6.6 million job vacancies across the U.S. With unemployment rates dropping, it seems that someone currently looking for a role will occupy those positions. A widespread skills shortage, though, means that many unemployed people lack the experience to fill those jobs. As such, positions remain unfilled in a number of industries.

What sectors will face the greatest shortages of skills? Financial services, engineering and telecommunications industries will be the worst hit by the year 2030, according to the LinkedIn Talent Blog. Growth is outpacing human capital availability in both of these sectors. While advancements in technology could be able to fill some of these holes, critical roles may also need employees.

In just a few years, we have already seen how radically the labor market will shift. There were no Uber drivers or social media influencers a decade ago; even the work performed by data scientists and tech engineers relative to today was quite a bit different. There will have to be identical modifications.

Consider investing your time in mastering one of the abilities covered in our infographic below if you want to keep ahead of the curve.

5 Skills That Will Be In Demand in 2020 and Beyond #infographic

infographic by: beaconhillstaffing.com

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