7 Small Business Ideas That Take Under $500 to Start #infographic


7 Small Business Ideas That Take Under $500 to Start #infographic

Many people out there want to start their own LLC, but since they don't have the financial backing to get things up and running, they may feel like their dreams are for nothing. Just take heart! All hope is not lost; you can potentially start your very own business with as little as $500 (or less). Below are seven ways for you to take your small business ideas and turn them into a profitable business.

By selling other people's (or your own) products, you can easily start your very own small business. Only build an eBay and/or Amazon account and start selling unused products that are in good condition around the house. Those purses or unopened golf balls are worth something to someone ... and you would be shocked at how much.

Go to your nearest discount store and search for cheap things that are worth more than their cost when you're out of your own items to sell. You can also go online (eBay and Amazon) and buy products that are sold in bulk at a deep discount. Take images and post them online under your own eBay or Amazon account once you receive them, and sell them at a profit.

Zone yard sales and garage sales can also be checked out. You have heard the saying, "The garbage of one man is the treasure of another man." Find saleable goods and work to get the price you want to pay for them so that you can turn around and make a profit.

Everyone has a story to tell or something to log that they like. Online, in every industry, you can see bloggers giving out amazing knowledge to help educate the general public. With a easy and free WordPress website, you can do this, too, or pay to have your own dedicated domain and web hosting platform that will cost you less than $500 per year.

Although this is a brilliant idea for small business that many individuals have, others do not even use their ability to bring in revenue. To do so, to generate real monthly revenue from your storytelling, look to use affiliate connections, ad placement, content marketing, banners and other platforms.

Many bloggers and vloggers even introduce their goods to consumers to advertise them. You're all set to start your own small business, as long as you have a way to upload your content (laptop or smartphone) and a means to type or film the content itself (such as a video camera). Don't you think it is all that fascinating to log your day? Gary Vaynerchuk dailyvee "from Google. More than 1 million followers are not a joke to actually record what happens in your everyday life!"

7 Small Business Ideas That Take Under $500 to Start #infographic

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