8 Things To Do In Kauai This Fall #infographic


8 Things To Do In Kauai This Fall #infographic

It's time to go out to the great outdoors now that the crisp, cool weather has arrived. And in a city where nature thrives, where is a safer place to witness the joy of fall? That's why Kauai comes to mind for a reason.

From beach hopping to actually soaking in breathtaking sights, for the adventurous explorer, Kauai has it all. It's a little island that you can cross from end to end, and we've put together the best things you can do to make this paradise an autumn holiday.

The Maha'ulepu Heritage Trail, a remote coastal trek that will take you through sand-dune cliffs, limestone formations, and rugged terrain that houses an abundance of the aquatic life of Kauai, is a must-visit spot in Kauai.

There's nothing quite like a walk down this hiking trail, where you'll get to move on the last undeveloped patch of Kauai. There are numerous caves and routes to explore, and if you wish to see the stunning sunrise in the morning, you should carry camping equipment.

Driving up Waimea Canyon will deliver breathtaking views of nature, being up to 14 miles long and up to 3,600 feet deep. The hills and ridges that turn into falling colors form picturesque scenes that you won't forget.

Along the way, you can rest at different viewpoints or take a hike along the cliff trail. If you plan on hiking, make sure you wear clothing suitable for the weather and pack enough food and drink.

The Koke'e State Park, where visitors can expect to see lush, tropical trees, ocean views, and encounter the native birds of Kauai, is another major hiking trail in Kauai. It offers a relatively easy hike and is surrounded by different picnic spots, making it a great destination for families with children.

Viewpoints overlook the beautiful Kalalau Valley in Koke'e. Hikers can also ride along the Canyon Trail in Koke'e, through the good foliage near the 800-foot Waipo'o Waterfall.

For information on the fascinating points you'll encounter along the way, the park has a nearby history museum. As well as cabin rentals for tourists who plan to stay overnight, there is an area devoted to camping.

One of Kauai's many attractions is the stunningly spectacular sea cliffs of the Na Pali Coast. There will be opportunities to spot humpback whales, welcoming dolphins, and gentle sea turtles on a cruise trip along the magnificent coast.

By boat or catamaran is the perfect way to visit this world-famous coastline, and you can book one online with a tour operator. If you're up for an adventure, when you reach the sea caves, you can choose to fly on a raft and navigate 7-foot waves.

Be sure to wear a warm jacket or jumper in the autumn, since it can be chilly even on a sunny day outdoors. The bulk of catamaran trips provide sets of meals. Packing barbecue and drinks will be a smart idea if you're planning the trip on your own.

You can get to witness the otherworldly blowhole at the Spouting Hole Park from multiple points of view. It's all water spouting quickly out of the ocean's rock formations, but the sound it makes is going to be something to remember.

Spouting Hole Park is packed with hats, aside from the blowhole.

Hanalei is a remote, relaxed coastal city situated on the North Shore of Kauai. Hanalei Beach is more popular than swimming for surfing, but its beaches are ideal for relaxing and just enjoying the view.

You'll enjoy this charming culture if you're up for slower riding. Hanalei is dotted with cute stores, surfing spots, and great food trucks to visit.

Anything made and grown in Kauai is often of exceptional quality, and stopping by a farmers ' market is the easiest place to get your hands on them. These weekly pop-ups still have something for everyone, from fresh catch to sugar, and even souvenirs.

Aside from vegetables, there are stalls in certain farmers ' markets that sell exclusive Hawaiian food and drinks. Ahi poke, hot mango salsa, and fruit frosties are some of the must-try choices.

A full list of farmers ' markets in Kauai can be found online. Be sure to review the timetable ahead if you intend to explore one, so you don't forget it.

8 Things To Do In Kauai This Fall #infographic

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