99 Insanely Interesting Gambling Movie Facts #infographic


99 Insanely Interesting Gambling Movie Facts #infographic

Will you want to kill at parties or learn to chat at CasinoSites like a pro gambler? Maybe Hollywood will help there! This little infographic below provides you with 99 crazy facts about some of all time's most famous gambling movies. Like, at about $599 million, the box office haul for Casino Royale looked like the GDP of a tiny, developing world. Or that over 250 movies have been made over the last seven decades in Las Vegas.

It's not getting any more blingy and shiny than in Vegas. Who can blame them? And, what better way to unwind from shooting on a busy day? The cast of Ocean's 11 definitely felt it was a brilliant way to keep their spare time hidden. Matt Damon or George Clooney: Who's the greatest gambler? Nobody 's saying that each one owes the other one the honor.

 We bet the Matt wasn't there. It is said that, when gambling, he lost $25 000. George ended up creating a casino for himself. But the greatest poker player has proved himself to be Ben Affleck, who also won the California State Poker Championship one year.

In a way , it makes sense that poker is part talent and part acting. The best poker players are learning to pick up on the sly, warning their rivals to fall. They become good at understanding people, but gambling is really less of a game for them. When they try to confuse their rivals enough that they make a error, the acting steps in. In order to throw off the rivalry, it's not unusual for successful poker players to fake a post.

It is just a matter of playing the cards that you are dealt from that point on. Ready to hear any more unusual facts about movie gambling? For more information to wow your friends with, read the infographic from CasinoSites.

99 Insanely Interesting Gambling Movie Facts #infographic

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