Benefits of having medicine delivery app #infographic


Benefits of having medicine delivery app #infographic

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Statistics suggest that an growing number of individuals are buying drugs online or are interested in doing so. The worldwide e-pharmacy market, with an estimated value of $42 billion in 2018, is projected to hit $107 billion by 2025, according to a Zion Market study.

Convenient options for purchasing and buying prescription medications online, however, are few and far between. It is a promising field to build a medication delivery app: individuals prefer to make purchases via mobile and this specific niche is not completely tapped. In the US, for example, 64 % of consumers take prescription drugs or live with someone who buys drugs online, but just 4%.

The lack of solutions to a certain degree is the product of the regulatory specifics of the industry. In our previous article, we explained how healthcare app enforcement works.

Since prescription drugs are part of the health and well-being of individuals, they want to purchase from trusted, safe, and registered platforms. Even Millennials, a tech-driven generation of app junkies, are wary when it comes to mobile purchases of drugs.

Let 's discuss how applications for pharmacy distribution can deal with the issues of confidence and protection and the value they add to the lives of people.

Ordering medication from an app saves time, protects privacy, and allows the process greater control. There are instances when a person needs to visit a pharmacy, such as when compounded drugs are needed, but when it comes to advantages, mobile ordering has the edge in most cases:

Benefits of having medicine delivery app #infographic

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