Decoding 9 Primary Charts for U.S. Election Day #infographic


Decoding 9 Primary Charts for U.S. Election Day #infographic

The day has finally come for Americans to cast their ballots after a turbulent election cycle.

Media coverage has reached a fever pitch, and it can be overwhelming for everyone to keep up with the news cycle. We've gathered nine key charts to keep the voting public and curious onlookers updated, which can help address key questions that people will have today:

  • Who'll win the presidential election in the United States?
  • How will flip swing states?
  • When will we know the outcome of the election?
  • What stakes are there?
  • What does the world think about the rest?

Let 's begin first with the biggest and most difficult of these subjects.

The odds-on favorite for Biden remains

The poll results are once more stacked against President Trump in the 2020 race. In the composite national polls, here's a peek at who's ahead:

Although this election cycle has been a wild ride, the polls don't really show the uncertainty. Joe Biden 's lead in the national polls has not slipped below three percentage points over the past three months.

Viewing odds through a 2016 lens

That said, several individuals are sceptical of the accuracy of polls after the colossal miscalculation by the media and pollsters in 2016. Fortunately, through a more sceptical prism, there's a way to look at forecasts. As this table from FiveThirtyEight reveals, Joe Biden is still expected to win, even though the results are as incorrect as in 2016.

So far, visualizing mail-in ballots

Due to late ballot deadlines and the pre-processing needed for them to be counted, mail-in ballots will slow down the election outcome. Expect a link between states with large numbers of mail-in ballots and how long it takes for them to call their outcome.

The deadlines for ballots depend on the state, with some states allowing ballots until 23 November, as long as they are postmarked on election day.

While some states can begin pre-processing ballots before the election day, others can not begin before the election day itself. Due to limited funding, some counties (including some in the swing state of Pennsylvania) will not begin mail-in ballot counting until November 4.

Why are the stakes always so high?

A trend that has been on the rise for years, coinciding with rising amounts of political division, voters from both parties are heavily invested in who wins this election.

Apathy to the Voter, No More

According to a new Pew Research Center poll, 83 per cent of voters agree that who becomes the next president "really matters." Just 50% felt too strongly in 2000 about the results of the referendum.

To be fair, given a worldwide pandemic, this year is also special, and this has definitely weighed heavily on many voters, causing more pressure than usual.

In fact, 45 percent of Americans believe that coronavirus / disease is the most important problem the nation is currently facing, according to a survey conducted by Gallup in April 2020.

Decoding 9 Primary Charts for U.S. Election Day #infographic

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