Family Mediation #infographic


Family Mediation #infographic

Family mediation programs seek to mitigate, and with good cause, the stresses, feelings and conflicts that sometimes emerge when seeking to settle cases surrounding partnerships such as marriage, civil unions and parenthood.

Mediators work diligently and efficiently to guarantee that issues are settled before they can turn into insurmountable problems, all while giving the hearings an objective and productive voice. In fact, family mediation is so successful that it is now mandatory to at least recommend using mediators in most family law proceedings, including civil union separation and divorce, as well as cases involving children and the family's money. Because of this, it is most possible that you will be forced to attend an MIAM until a family law court will even accept your submission, and the case will be adjourned if the court is not impressed that you have had this initial meeting.

Mediation begins with a telephone call or text. Marcia Mediation has offices at Deansgate and Altrincham in central Manchester, helping us to represent consumers from across Cheshire and Greater Manchester.

If you ask about a Mediation Details & Evaluation Meeting (MIAM), we will schedule a suitable time, either in person or by phone, for this to take place.During our early communication with you, there is no responsibility and we will guarantee that you have a planned, cost-effective arrangement for your mediation before we proceed.

In the end, the primary purpose of mediation is to make the whole process smoother, quicker and less painful.Sessions can take multiple forms-you may see the mediator alone, or together, or with the mediator passing between the two in different rooms.

This last approach is referred to as 'shuttle consultation' which is an easy way to make changes in situations where you choose not to chat to each other personally or face-to - face.There are plenty of reasons why mediation exists. Most of that is down to the team of Marcia Mediation, composed of senior mediators with several active trials behind them.

It is a methodology that has been validated and can be trusted, assisted by clinical experience and accreditation, and Marcia Lister, founder of Marcia Mediation, is also trained to provide this training.Although it all comes down to the people involved in the situation, whether that's just a divorcing couple's two parties, or whether it also includes kids and grandparents.

It goes without saying that you are better prepared in most situations to make choices that would have a long-term effect on your lifestyle, investments and family structure.By listening to the viewpoints of those concerned, and offering options that are equitable, impartial and mutually reasonable, mediators value this.

In doing so, to find the best possible result for those involved, with the minimum of stress, expense and delay, they rely on their preparation, expertise and natural empathy.

The Finances

Managing family finances is an important issue, so much so that in family law cases concerning finances, an MIAM is mandatory, even though there are no separation or divorce arrangements.

Our team of mediators will work with you to settle on the revenue, investments and assets division, while trying to make you mindful of what this could mean for your future lifestyle until you live alone, personally paying all your own expenses, and so on.

Importantly, we have knowledge of what is appropriate in court, such as prohibiting any particular group after a split from experiencing substantial difficulty.

This ensures that we should not only move for an agreement that is equitable to those involved, but also one that can be ratified in court without unnecessary delays or added costs.

Family Mediation #infographic

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