Fast, Furious & Off the Road #infographic


Fast, Furious & Off the Road #infographic

Hollywood has had a fascination with car chases for a long time. The car chase remains a timeless smash, whether an old school classic like The Italian Work, or a new blockbuster like Fast & Furious. While watching these death-defying activities on television is fun, the fact is that it would be extremely dangerous to do so.

We wanted to understand the real implications of such reckless driving here at Jardine Motors, so we investigated some of the most popular car scenes in the history of Hollywood to find out how many penalty points each driver would get on UK roads, and whether they could even drive afterwards.

Maybe unsurprisingly, in some of our favorite Hollywood movies, we didn't have to search too hard to locate driving infractions. As the most common offense seen in Hollywood movies, three offenses were tied ...

'Driving without fair regard' for other road users, which holds the risk of nine penalty points on your driving license, was one of the most common offenses.

Dangerous driving, which holds the possibility of eleven penalty points, and 'Exceeding the statutory speed limit on a public road' were the other two joint-top offences, which can result in a maximum of six penalty points.

Dom of the Fast and Furious series participated in another especially dangerous scene. Dom is chased through New York City by his crew in The Fate of the Furious (2017). Dom would have accrued 98 penalty points for his driving, enough to have his license stripped from him eight times over, in a crazy chase that sees many stories of scaffolding falling on the New York streets. Appropriately, the crimes of Dom include 'Furious driving' and 'Leaving a vehicle in a risky place' on this occasion due to leaving his car slap-bang in the middle of a busy junction.

In terms of total points earned, by far the most dangerous driver was Dom from the Fast and Furious series, who racked up 342 penalty points in the scenes we reviewed.

However, on the basis of the points averaged over an entire franchise, the 'caped crusader' turned out to be the worst driver. Of course, in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), we say Batman, and more precisely, Ben Affleck's depiction of Gotham's Dark Knight. Batman finishes just ahead of Jason Bourne with an overall ranking of 84 penalty points.

Over the series, Bourne racked up an average of 80 penalty points per film, with every 80-point haul sufficient to see him lose his license six times over. Bourne is one of the few characters to be accused of 'causing death by driving carelessly or carelessly.'

The drivers who are most dangerous?

The time of Matt Damon as Bourne will have him down as the actor who, with at least one chase scene included in each instalment of the Bourne sequence, would have earned the third highest number of penalty points in terms of his fictional driving exploits.

A James Bond star is the second-most dangerous performer, but it's not Daniel Craig. Roger Moore, an altogether more 'old school' Bond, would have averaged 91 penalty points in his scenes as 007 for his driving, a surprising figure, but not quite the worst out there.

Ben Affleck goes down as the most dangerous driver in the scenes we surveyed, as a result of his time driving the Batmobile. The driving of Affleck is out of control in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), to the point that he commits serious crimes, including 'Causing death by reckless driving' and 'Furious driving.'

In summary

There's a reason why chase scenes are exclusive to movies in Hollywood, and that's a good reason. Dangerous driving can have serious repercussions and no one in the real world should try it. Be sure to drive carefully and know that life can be saved by careful driving!

Fast, Furious & Off the Road #infographic

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