Hotel Makeover: How can Art Improve your Hotel Business #infographic


Hotel Makeover: How can Art Improve your Hotel Business #infographic

The hospitality industry, particularly to this day and age, is highly competitive, where hotels use different strategies to increase their sales and attract customers. In order to draw the interest of visitors from any point of the world, one of the major developments in this area is to integrate and use art.

One of the principal developments in the hotel industry today has been the art of hospitality. In the procurement of the most popular and sought-after art pieces made by art geniuses and masters, most large and luxurious hotels compete. Because of the large amount of art pieces used in their in-house art collection, others can also be mistaken for a gallery.

Budget hotels also do so. Many have worked with local artists to create art that reveals the history of their position represented by drawings, sculptures, wall murals, and other formats that effectively intrigue visitors, as well as share their history and brand identity with them.

Yet hoteliers need not avoid spending and purchasing these art pieces for marketing purposes, according to experts, but they must also learn to upgrade the art of their hotel. Today, as more and more hotels and hospitality and tourism-related industries have invested in art as a marketing tool, how can hotels understand how to better exhibit these artworks, accentuate their elegance and maximize their impact on their viewers? How do they do that? Such tips are here:

Hotel Makeover: How can Art Improve your Hotel Business #infographic

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