Reevaluating Screen Time in the Age of Social Distancing #infographic


Reevaluating Screen Time in the Age of Social Distancing #infographic

85 percent of parents stress over how much time their kids waste online, and at the end of the coronavirus pandemic, more than half think their kids might be hooked to computers.

Right now, many of us are chained to computers because of the pandemic, leaving many to wonder whether by the time this is done, we will all be hooked to screens. However, there is good news. The current data reveals that when it comes to screen time, it's more about consistency than quantities, so if you just use computers to connect and do tasks, you're actually doing just fine. Learn more from the infographic below about screen time in a pandemic!

For young people, too much screen time is too much?

In 2020, with children expected to spend more time indoors, and even attend school online, this has become an even more important problem, dramatically boosting their internet use and visibility.

The good news is that screen time is not all bad. It certainly isn't all so nice to use screens as a babysitter or to placate a temper tantrum. But it could really be a nice idea to do school online, watch movies together as a family and have video chats with friends.

In short, the amount of screen time is much more important than quantity when it comes to screen time. This will be fantastic news for 85% of parents who are concerned about how much screen time their kids are having right now, and more than half of those who are fearful that before the pandemic subsides, their child will be hooked to phones.

Screen time, like social media, will also give children an ability to communicate with their friends, keeping away from the isolation that has become such a natural part of pandemic life. It might be time to take a second glance, even though you're a parent who's been warned of the evils of social media. During these tough times, setting up rules and restrictions on accounts and computers will give children a secure place to reach out to their peers.

Learn more from the chart below on why we should re-evaluate screen time for youngsters.

Reevaluating Screen Time in the Age of Social Distancing #infographic

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