The Impact of Covid-19 on Education #infographic


The Impact of Covid-19 on Education #infographic

Many policymakers around the world have closed education institutions to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 that has contaminated individuals, regardless of their wealth, ethnicity, level of education, or nationality.

Ultimately, the lockdown has undermined formal schooling, exposing the numerous inadequacies and inequities (i.e. lack of connectivity to the internet and computers needed for online education) of education programs across the world.

While policymakers and educational communities have made significant gains in ensuring that children continue to pursue their education in difficult conditions, a substantial part of the world's student population remains unable to enter remote learning services run by their institutes.

Here's a look at COVID-19 's educational impacts, outlining the different channels for providing remote learning and the steps that policymakers and educational institutions can take to overcome the complexities of integrating learning systems.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Education #infographic

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