The World’s Most Influential Values, In One Graphic #infographic


The World’s Most Influential Values, In One Graphic #infographic

Ideas, interests, political preferences, environmental views, and even career choices can be informed by our basic values.

Valuegraphics describes 56 principles that affect human actions with sweeping data spanning half a million surveys in 152 languages. From a contextualized dataset, it uncovers what individuals think most for around the world.

While it may not be shocking that family is the world's most significant attribute, it is important to notice that a variety of other qualities of 'connectedness' have appeared in the top 10, such as partnerships and belonging. Loyalty principles, ranked # 6 and # 7, respectively, and religion / spirituality.

At the same time, security-related values, including financial and job security, rank highly across the globe.

Values are interesting from a market and leadership perspective in that they can direct how individuals and customers make their choices. Different experiences can 'engage' their most closely-held values as individuals interact with the world.

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The importance of social status stood at # 17 across nine countries, while environmentalism fell in at # 36. Interestingly, on the continuum, all asset values (# 38) and capital (# 52) ranked lower.

Meanwhile, the ideals of respect (# 15) and sympathy (# 16) fall nearer to the top.

Insight windows

Although there are many similarities across cultures, a number of fascinating distinctions emerge.

For starters, take morals. It displayed some of the greatest variation in all continents, and was the second most significant attribute in the Middle East, while in Central and South America it came near the bottom. The importance of persistence surrounds another prominent outlier. The importance was put inside its top five by the African field. By comparison, the list ranked about mid-way (# 26) globally.

Another interesting finding is how the importance of force was valued similarly by both North America and the Middle East (# 17), slightly higher than the global average of # 30. Meanwhile, in Central & South America, the importance of custom had the highest rating, but the lowest in Europe.

As the universe grows more complicated, it will help us expand our comprehension through many avenues of life and consider how beliefs influence our attitudes and behaviors. Market studies, advertising, leadership, psychology, and many other areas all come within the vast scope of the effect of what people value.

The World’s Most Influential Values, In One Graphic #infographic

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