Zoom Virtual Meeting Etiquette #infographic


Zoom Virtual Meeting Etiquette #infographic

We have some tips and etiquette rules while you're part of a Zoom or another virtual gathering.

Turn off the warnings. Those tiny pings annoy you and other meeting attendees.

Turn on the lights. If you can, get decent lighting. A fancy studio or expensive lighting is not required. Please sit by a window or have a bright lamp nearby.

Look at the camera while talking. If you're looking instead of the camera at the monitor, now it's getting very rude. It's a little awkward at first, but your audience will enjoy eye contact.

Turn the video off while walking around. When you intend to walk around or get up. There are a lot of cameras at eye level, but that's not the moment you're standing up.

Mute yourself when you're not talking. If your mic is close to your clothes, all types of sounds can be picked up by mics from you typing to your shirt rustling.

Zoom Virtual Meeting Etiquette #infographic

infographic by: globalspex.com

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