Remote Work and the Modern Wage Gap #Infographic

Remote Work and the Modern Wage Gap #Infographic

The pandemic has shifted the way we work and the versatility of remote work and work is here to stay. Take a look at where individuals are going to and how the income gap can affect this.

Many businesses - Zillow, Twitter, Square, Facebook, Coinbase, Nielsen, Nationwide - have confirmed they will continue remote work indefinitely.

Because of corporate relocations, Texas has seen a "tremendous increase,"

Low Living Cost
Low taxes on businesses
Favorable provisions
"I could envision scenarios where a company could pay an employee in a lower-cost market a great wage for that market, fly the person to the headquarters a few times a year for meetings, and still come out ahead"

Terry B. McDougall, Career Coach & Author of The Game Of Job Winning

Remote Work and the Modern Wage Gap #Infographic

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